The AKKA's purpose is the teaching and developing students of Kyokushin Karate.No prejudices are made for race, religion, affiliation or whatever reason. History of Kyokushin Karate in Australia. In the early 1960's students of Oyama Karate began training in Australia and New Zealand. In 1967 Shigeru Kato was sent from Japan and trained students in Sydney and Melbourne then returned in the same year. In the following year, 1968, the South Pacific Kyokushinkai Organisation was established under the chairmanship of Ivan Zavechanos until 1970 whereupon John Jarvis (New Zealand) was appointed as chairman.
In 1969 the New Zealand Kyokushin Association was formed but it wasn't until 1974 that the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association was born. The first meeting was attended by John Taylor, Gary Viccars, Brian Ellison, Grant Radonich, Peter Wolfe and Trevor Field.In 1977, AKKA held the first Australian Open Knockdown Championships before a packed audience at the Sydney Town Hall.
Sosai Oyama (or Kancho as he was known then) attended, visiting Australia for the first time. The Open champion at the inaugural event was Peter Wolfe. In 1979, John Taylor was appointed chairman of the South Pacific Kyokushinkai Organisation. In 1988, the AKKA held the Commonwealth Championships in Sydney with nine countries competing.
Sosai Oyama attended this event and described it as the best tournament ever held outside of Japan.On 26-Apr-1994 Sosai Oyama passed away, a very sad event for Kyokushin Karate worldwide.