Welcome to Kempo Ryu Karate, to our Dojo and to our events as we invite all Karate-ka and visitors world-wide to experience what we do and invite them to part-take in our Karate activities.
The head of the organisation is Peter Mylonas, Kancho - Australia's most prominent Kempo instructor - one of Australia’s leading Karate teachers. Kempo Ryu is based in Sydney, Australia and is known as Australia’s leading Kempo group. Whilst all our Dojo are all located in Sydney we have a broad-base support across the city and are very active in the Australian Karate (Martial Arts) community. Our style is a Japanese Kempo Style, whilst other styles of Kempo are American (Kenpo), or western freestyle based; we attempt to maintain the traditions and cultures of Japanese Karate in our teaching and Dojo culture. Whilst Kempo is known across the world as the most effective self defence we do not take this title lightly; without a serious understanding—that if we are to be known as the most effective self defence style we need to train hard and smart to maintain this honour. Kempo is known as the Parent Art of Karate and with this we have total focus and dedication to our training. We consider this honour (being the Parent Art) to be a great one, hence we maintain a regime of sincere Budo style (Warrior style) discipline in our Dojo network.